Are you actually willing to do what it takes? Or is it just the idea that you like?

For the majority of people on a weight loss journey or transformation journey it starts with the idea of how I would like to look or like to be.

Unfortunately, one of the reasons a lot of people fail is they set out with unrealistic expectations of what it actually takes! It’s great to want to lose lbs if you are overweight but you have to actually be willing to take the steps that are needed to achieve this. Maintaining 6 pac abs year-round isn’t appealing enough to be on a strict regimental diet all year! And a lot of people, will believe having the body you wish for year round is achievable and for the very small minority it may be! But for the rest of us it is not!

The issue is people see these images of people in better shape than them and perceive this is how they should be. With no concept of what those people did to get there for that 1 photo.
And I see people all the time who get in the best shape of their lives not understanding, how they have done it, isn’t really maintainable and then getting upset or trying to chase that body again!
It’s a vicious circle if you don’t have the knowledge or help of someone with the knowledge to guide you.

If you want to lose weight. Really actually want to lose weight then there are steps you can take to achieve this.
But trying to lose weight and not willing to change your current habits and certain lifestyle choices is only chasing the idea of losing weight! And that chase will be a never ending one if you don’t face up to the realities of why you can’t change those habits.

If weight loss isn’t as important as your current lifestyle that’s ok but stop torturing yourself when you know the true answer is inside.

Body image is a huge issue in today’s society because pictures are being displayed without context! It is really hard to get in good shape. It’s hard to lose weight but if you want it bad enough you will do what it takes!

Having a trusted source who isn’t just trying to sell you the next quick fix and not considering your physical and mental health will be key to success.

Trust the process of one slight behaviour change at a time.