Physically I am fine. Mentally I am exhausted!

Most of the time when we speak about being fatigued, it is from physical exertion, especially in my industry.

Our physical bodies can be pushed to extreme limits, yet sometimes when we push it too hard with training or other stresses it bites back. 

We end up getting injured or sick from being completely fatigued. 

The only solution is rest. 

Although most people may not be exercising as hard as they would have been pre-pandemic to become physically fatigued. Our minds are most certainly working hard enough to become mentally fatigued. 

I am certainly feeling mentally fatigued right now.

Mental fatigue can be as detrimental as physical fatigue.

Just because you are not exercising or doing all the things you used to do, does not mean you can’t feel completely exhausted. 

The stress of the last year, the stress of the unknown, your mind constantly racing and creating scenarios is exhausting. 

If your body was working as hard as your mind was this past year, you would either be in the shape of your life or completely wiped out. 

Mental fatigue can be brought on from long periods of stress or doing the same thing day in day out with little change.

That basically describes living during this pandemic! 

It is important to recognise if you are feeling fatigued. 

If you were physically fatigued, as a coach I would tell you to rest, eat well, sleep and be kind to yourself.

If you are mentally fatigued, then rest, eat well, sleep, and be kind to yourself.

There are certain activities that can help reduce mental fatigue. These are called restorative experiences.

Some of these are: Walking outdoors or in nature, gardening, sitting by lakes or streams, doing something that interests you or something that is fun to you and not boring. 

A big way to battle mental fatigue is to change from the daily routines (I know, hard to do while in level 5 #groundhogday) but by changing your routine and giving the brain something different to focus on can really help. 

I am feeling the effects of the last year, my mind is constantly racing, so I may have to take my own advice here.

I know from speaking to people, mental fatigue is at an all time high. 

It is important we recognise it, take steps to improve it and be kind to ourselves.

Unfortunately, it will still be quite some time before society or ATP is open. I wouldn’t be waiting for that to happen to start working on your health. 

Start today. 

Do something that will help you either physically or mentally.

We only ever stay in the same place if we stop moving. 

Ian (Resilient) Murphy



Resilience: The capacity of a person to maintain its core purpose and integrity in the face of dramatically changed circumstances. – Andrew Zolli

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