1. What made you decide to do a shoot.

I had previously done a shoot back in November 2018 and I wanted to try another one to try to get into better condition, I always need a goal to keep me motivated and at the time this was the goal I wanted to achieve.

  1. What was your main goal for this shoot?

My main goal was to better myself and my condition from my first shoot. I wanted to push myself a little more to see what I could achieve.

  1. How did you find adjusting to strict plans?

Being in the fitness industry I find helps a huge amount, eating healthy and counting calories were always something I did, this was a small bit harder and more intense, but it definitely helped to have a good understanding of it all.

  1. What was the toughest part of the process?

During my 12 weeks plan, a lot had happened, and things got in my way, the hardest for me was making my 12 weeks of prep my priority which meant my social life, family and friends definitely took the back seat for them weeks.

  1. How did you find the last few days coming up to the end?

The last few days for me were tough, my energy levels were low, time was really being stretched out and the closer I got to the day the harder further it felt.

  1. How did you feel the day of your shoot?

The day of my shoot I was a bag of nerves, one minute I was happy with how my body turned out, the next i wasn’t happy. It seriously affects your thoughts on your appearance. When it came down to taking the photos, I was so happy, so proud, and so relieved.

  1. Did u find it affected you mentally?

Preparing yourself for something so extreme and so intense definitely had a huge impact on my mental health. For 12 weeks every day i was waking up taking pictures, weighing myself and you could say judging myself through the process. Watching your body change is a scary thing, naturally, your going to worry about what’s coming for the coming weeks. Having to track everything you do in your life for 12 weeks to be completely finished always had a huge impact, something I was preparing myself for so long came to an end and seeing myself go back up on the scales, not looking as lean was very hard to accept and was not an easy process what so ever.

For anyone who may have had thoughts on doing a shoot, really put some thought into it. It’s not all fun and games and it truly is one of the toughest experiences I’ve ever set out to do. It takes over your social life, it takes up all your time and you really do only have tunnel vision. It’s not an easy thing to put your body through. Before, during and after is all a hard process.