So, it’s come to the end of the month, and it’s time to step on the scales, and have your measurements taken.

Since your last check in, you’ve increased your twice weekly PT sessions, to three times a week, and you’ve swapped your morning fruit scone, for something a little less calorific.

So, an extra 30 minute PT session, and an extra few unconsumed calories – you’re going to see the results you’ve been waiting for? Right?


And do you know what may be holding you back?

LSDs – Labour Saving Devices!

Labour saving technology and devices are likely to be contributing to your sedentary behaviour, and therefore lack of Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT).

NEAT is the unplanned, low intensity physical activity that takes place every day, and although it is the smallest daily contributor to energy expenditure, it has been found to be an important indicator of weight management.

Let’s think about it…

If you’re not seeing the results you feel you deserve, have you considered what it is that you’re doing outside of those 30 minute PT sessions, three times a week?

On those days, that’s 23.5 hours to consider.

  • 8 hours sleeping
  • 8-10 hours working
  • 1-2 hours commuting
  • 2-3 hours TV/laptop

Now ask yourself, of those additional hours (apart from time spent sleeping), how many of those hours are spent sitting?

  • Desk job? ✔
  • Driving to/from work? ✔
  • TV? ✔
  • Netflix? ✔
  • Instagram/social media? ✔

The Agricultural Revolution allowed us to grow our food – we no longer needed to chase it, and it paved the way for the Industrial Revolution, where the introduction of the wheel, and electricity enabled us to move even less.

Fast forward to today, and there is very little which requires us to physically move! Fast food delivery apps, drive thrus, online grocery shopping, online retail shopping, dishwashers, and virtual assistants in the home place, to name a few.

People are being robbed of burning hundreds of extra calories each day, because they are unaware of the power of NEAT.

It’s time to take responsibility, and not fall victim to today’s sedentary lifestyle.

Here are some simple ways to reduce sedentary behaviour.

  • Take the stairs – a lift or escalator is no longer an option.
  • In the office, use the toilet on another floor, and do not take the lift to said other floor!
  • Try to find a parking spot furthest away from the entrance to your office building, supermarket, and the gym.
  • If feasible, make some, or all of your daily commute active. If using public transport, jump off a stop earlier.
  • Speak to your manager about the use of a standing desk.
  • If bringing your washing upstairs, bring it up in a couple of turns.
  • Bring in the shopping bags from the car, one at a time.
  • Fire the cleaner/gardener.

By literally taking these steps to increase your NEAT, you can replace your sedentary lifestyle with an active one, and accelerate your fat loss goals.