Prevention is better than cure. 

This can be said for a number of different scenarios.

However, in this case I am relating it to obesity and being overweight. 

It is important to state from the outset that these are two different things, but for the purpose of this email I will be speaking about them in the same context. 

Losing weight is fu**ing hard. 

Anybody who has tried to lose weight, is currently trying to lose weight, or has lost weight and is trying to keep it off, knows just how hard it is. 

I am coaching people in weight loss for 10 years. I have seen the struggles physically and mentally a weight loss journey brings.

Let’s get clear here, I have no issue with somebody being overweight or obese if they are happy in themselves.

Each person is perfectly entitled to look, feel and act however they chose. 

Your bodyweight should not and does not determine the type of person you are, but too many allow this to be the case.

Where the problem lies is when somebody decides that their bodyweight is causing them harm either from a physical health or mental health standpoint, or both, and they want to change.

The seemingly never ending weight loss journey begins. 

It is this battle I have seen in 100’s of clients over the years.

The battle of loving themselves and accepting themselves. 

They have got to a point where their weight gain is making them unhealthy or unhappy and have been driven to change.

I have seen 100’s of people get amazing results and transform their bodies and minds, but on the flipside I have seen 100’s of others being continuously on a diet and off a diet for years.

While my business and my career is centered around helping people lose weight, the goal is always going to be prevention. 

Prevention through education. 

Let me reiterate so you don’t get confused here, this is not about body shaming or body image. 

This is about being aware and educated enough to prevent you getting to a point that your bodyweight becomes either a physical or psychological issue to your health.

Wherever you are in your journey is where you start, but it has to start with relearning.

We have to relearn what healthy is. 

Preventing obesity is the only long term solution I see.

We need to educate the children 100%, but I firmly believe we must first re-educate the adults.

That is where true change can happen. 

The goal needs to be preventing children from having to deal with the psychological and physical stress that so many have faced when it comes to weight loss and diets. 

That can only happen if the adults recognise that health is multi faceted. 

It is a holistic approach to nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, mindset and relationships that is needed.

It is understanding that each one has a domino effect on the other. 

We need to open our eyes and see the problem in front of us for what it is.

It is lack of understanding, it lack of knowledge and sometimes it is simply lack of caring. 

Our health is absolutely everything, we should do everything we can to preserve it, for without it nothing else matters.

If health is wealth, how much money do you have?

Ian (Been a while since a rant) Murphy



When we take responsibility for our own actions and decisions, it is only then we can begin to change. 

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