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Firstly it is important to note that none of the transformations you see in my pictures were achieved in 8 weeks, and that’s what makes coaching with me different.

Your health is at the forefront of my coaching and that will always trump a quick fix, rapid weight loss approach.

They took months and even a couple of years for some. That is because sustainable and healthy fat loss is hard, but when you work with me I will teach you how to create healthy habits. Educate you around nutrition and exercise, and I will help you improve your sleep, stress and mindset. I want you to be empowered with the knowledge you need to achieve long term sustainable results.

Helping you to take charge and gain back control of your health is my number one priority when working with you.

What is online coaching with me?

This is an 8 week program where on signing up I will ask you to fill out an extensive lifestyle questionnaire. We will then organise a zoom consultation to identify your goals and specific areas that you want to work on.

I will help you with your nutrition, rather than giving you a generic food plan I work with the foods you enjoy and are currently consuming. I will give you help you through meal planning and advice to improve your overall nutrition quality.

I will assess your current physical activity levels and dependent on your fitness goals we will create a training program for you.

I will look at sleep, stress, mindset and other areas and help you take steps to improve them.

I will help you see that your health is a combination of lifestyle factors and give you the support you need to improve them.

What do you get in the 8 weeks?
  • A live coaching call through Zoom.

  • Help with specific goal setting.

  • Dietary analysis and nutrition support.
  • Advice on creating a regular exercise program.
  • Weekly check ins to assess progress.
  • Continued support throughout through WhatsApp. This is where most of the learning is achieved.
  • Access to our FeelGr8 food tracking app, educational videos, and home workouts worth €99
Who is online coaching for?

This is for you if you feel stuck and want both help and accountability to help get you back on track.

This is for you if you feel confused and don’t really know where to start.

This is for you if have been struggling with your nutrition and tired of yoyo dieting.

This is for you if you really want to make a lasting change to your health.


To sign up or if you have a question? Simply contact by emailing me directly on Ian@atpfitnesscork.ie

I know getting started is the hardest part. I am are here to help.


The overall coaching was excellent. 5*. Before I started the coaching I was killing myself with exercise and getting absolutely nowhere (because I was doing loads of exercise & eating more). I was getting disheartened by it all & wondering what was the point in doing all the exercise for nothing. I have learnt so much about the importance of food in a healthy lifestyle. The coaching was so much more than about food and exercise. I felt it did wonders for my mental health. It made me understand my body more when I had my period (amazing the amount of knowledge you have on this subject). I will admit I found it strange talking about periods with you at the start but after the first chat, it felt so normal. Just like to say, the coaching was the best birthday present I gave myself. I had put on the Covid stone. Tried everything to get it off myself. With the proper advise from you, I was able to achieve that and have a better understanding of it all. Thanks so much.

Marie was a busy mom who felt stuck and wanted help

I honestly am so delighted I did this programme – it was the best money I spent during lockdown! I was a little bit apprehensive because I thought the timing may not have been the best with everything going on but it was actually just what I needed to keep me focused and on track. I honestly learned so much about nutrition, mindset, sleep and stress, the effect foods can have on the scales etc. but also learned more about myself. I realised that I don’t want to be on a diet for the rest of my life and watching everything that passes my mouth because I love food and socialising with friends too much! I was able to enjoy several different occasions during this plan without feeling guilty and still seeing results. Life is too short to be constantly monitoring everything and it is about having a balanced approach. Thank you so much Ian for all your help, guidance, non-judgmental and no-nonsense approach – it was a breath of fresh air!

Deirdre who was in Lockdown in a foreign country when she signed up

Ian I genuinely think it was the best decision I made signing up with you 8 weeks ago! I’ve always felt comfortable with being open and honest with you, never once felt judged or was afraid to tell you I had a drink or a take away. You were so fast at replying to any messages always there if I had any questions couldn’t have asked for more from you tbh!


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