We are all in the same storm, but we are all in different boats. 

The s**t show continues.

Even when you know what’s coming, each announcement is still hard to take. 

The reality is, we will be in a lockdown of some sort, for the next number of months.

We are going to have two conversations, and you can choose which one you fit into right now. 

You may even be a mix of the two.  

We will call person one, INAH (I Need A Hug). We will call person two, KUTA (Kick Up The Arse).

To Inah: This last year has been extremely challenging, and I know lockdown 3.0 has been really tough. It just seems to be never ending. Kids being off school since Christmas and working from home. Even the thought of trying to exercise regularly or trying to improve your diet is only adding stress. 

It is OK to feel this way. We have never been through this before. It is both physically and mentally exhausting. Don’t be hard on yourself. If you don’t feel like exercising, or the thought of it is causing you to feel more stressed, then be kind to yourself. There will be better days ahead where you have more time for you. Then you can look at restarting your exercise journey.

To Kuta: This last year has been extremely challenging, and I know lockdown 3.0 has been really tough. Unfortunately, we are going to be in lockdown for some time yet. While it is terribly frustrating and mentally taxing, you can make the choice now to take back control. The last few months may have slipped by and you keep saying you will get back to it when the gyms are open, but I am here to tell you to get your s**t together. 

Quit being hard on yourself for not training hard or eating well and just start from right now. Make the choice do something. Commit to training twice a week and don’t give yourself an excuse to miss it. You have time to do two 30 minute workouts in your entire week. Stop waiting. 

To Inah: Don’t compare yourself to anybody else. Getting through a day for you may be as big of an achievement as someone running a 5km for the first time. Don’t let your friends, social media or some coach who writes an email tell you what you “should” be doing.  That will be for you to decide, you know yourself best. 

To Kuta: Set some realistic goals. Start with training twice a week. Achieve that and then add another. Drink more water. Be in bed by a certain time. Eat an extra piece of fruit each day. Anything, but set some goals. With a clear goal you will have purpose. With that purpose comes motivation. Take action.


To Inah: We are all in the same storm of dealing with this pandemic, but your boat may feel like a dinghy in 100 meter waves and you don’t have a life jacket. But hang on, hang on for dear life and do whatever you have too to survive. This will pass and things will get better.


To Kuta: You can do this. The power of the mind is a scary thing. It can work for or against you. Make it work for you. Live in the present moment. Focus on the things you can do right now, today. When you think “I can’t do that” stop and say OK, that’s what I can’t do, what are the things I can do? Because there is always something we can do. 

In the words of Viktor Frankel – “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom”

You choose.


Take what you want from those conversations.

We are all in very different boats and there is no right way. 

There is only the way that works for you. 




If you are feeling like KUTA now, then take action. Set a goal and start. 

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