Aisling Rowan


Aisling Rowan Personal Profile I became a personal trainer because I have always had a big passion for health and fitness. Doing my PT course made me realise the importance of training and keeping fit and I love teaching others how to do that in a healthy way. If you’re starting out [...]

JP Peyton


JP Peyton Personal Profile I have been through the journey of substantial weight loss and know the struggles that coincide. I began running like a mad man over the first lockdown to combat this and wanted to take it a step further. Fast forward a little bit and I got myself [...]

Aishling O’Hea


Aishling O'Hea Personal Profile “I have always loved being active - whether it was rowing, running, tennis or Pilates - I was always on the move! But it’s only been in recent times that I discovered personal training and the difference it can make. I love how strong my body [...]

Alex Walsh


Alex Walsh Personal Profile I became a personal trainer because I have a huge passion for health, fitness and sport. I love training and pushing clients to achieve their goals. Helping others to reach their potential and learn about health and fitness is what gave me the drive to become [...]

Thomas Murphy


Thomas Murphy Personal Profile Hi, I’m Thomas and I’ve recently joined the team here at ATP. I got my qualification in personal training earlier this year and i’m currently studying nutrition online. I have a huge passion for helping people and health and fitness in general. I’m really looking forward [...]


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