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“10 years ago I decided to change my life.

“Growing up I was known as “HEFTY”. It was safe to say I thoroughly enjoyed food. At my heaviest I weighed 19 stone. It was only in my latter years of playing rugby I was introduced to weight training and a healthier lifestyle. I instantly became hooked.

“My goal became to lose weight and get in good shape while doing so. As my passion grew for this lifestyle I knew becoming a personal trainer was the only career choice for me. I wanted to help others become fitter, healthier and happier versions of themselves.

“I have 9 years’ experience of training a wide variety of clients and I feel I can really relate to those people who are struggling with weight loss. I know I can really help them reach their goals be it losing weight, getting fit or building lean muscle.

“Trust me when I say the hardest part is starting, but it will all be worth it!!!

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