JP Peyton
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I have been through the journey of substantial weight loss and know the struggles that coincide. I began running like a mad man over the first lockdown to combat this and wanted to take it a step further. Fast forward a little bit and I got myself a Coach and started training with structure in a gym! Getting the best out of people around me has always been a passion of mine through all fields of life. Combine this with my newfound love for fitness and it was a no brainer – I decided to do a PT course. Throughout my education I got so hungry to get stuck in and get out there. I just wanted to try change lives through fitness with a kind approach. To put it briefly, I got into this industry to teach people that they too have an unlimited potential that they can tap into with a little guidance and support.

The best advice I can give to someone considering getting fitter is to get yourself a reputable Personal Trainer. Find somewhere that shares the same values as you. And when you find this place, truly take in this new and brilliant experience. It’s an amazing learning curve and can change your life! And of course, enjoy your training.

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