What metric do you use to determine success?

The metric that you use to measure success has to power to make you feel like a winner or a failure!

Take the weighing scales as how you measure your success in chasing your health goals… then daily you can feel like you’re a success or feel like a failure because this is your only metric you are using. You can clearly see how this can be detrimental to your motivation and mental health. Yet we do this all the time.

This is true for any scenario. Take myself in business. If I look at large gym franchises as my measure of success, then currently I’d be a failure. If I look at the personal trainer, training 10 people a week in a small studio then I’m a huge success.

You have full control of the metric that you use when measuring success in all aspects of your life, so ask yourself is this a fair comparison?

Knowing what your values are and what is truly important to you (what you really care about) should be used to determine what measures you use to determine success.

Scales: weight fluctuates!! Try measurements, pictures, how your clothes feel, how your mental health feels

Where you are in life: Where do you want to be? What’s important to you? Not forgetting just how far you have come!

We are in control of a lot more than we think!

You have the ability to take control of the metric you use. That has the power to change your entire outlook!

Being aware I was doing this. Using other people’s success as my own metric was frightening to see and made me realise focusing on what’s important to me right now is the only way I will really succeed!

The scales has been engrained as our main measure for 20 years, its time to challenge this belief and look at what really matters.

Your just one mindset shift away from a good mood.