End of year tax returns, VAT, P30, payroll, invoices and receipts. 

Everything I knew nothing about, and didn’t really care about until I opened my own business.

It wasn’t of interest to me, so I didn’t need or want to know anything about it.

Ignorance was bliss. 

However, the time came for me where I had to learn about these things as we opened ATP.

I feel sorry for my accountant, when at the beginning she had to answer what is to her very basic questions, and repeat herself each quarter end.

I would constantly get stressed when it came to each quarter end, I can’t imagine how my accountant must feel.

To ensure the business ran well, to ensure I became less stressed, and to help out the accountant some bit, I had to learn the basics. 

The basics are enough. 

Even though it is an area that I don’t have huge interest in, I still chose to learn enough to help myself and the business.

It made me realise, health and fitness is no different. 

I have a huge passion for health and fitness, it really interests me, so it is easy for me to spend time learning about it and living it.

To some people health, fitness and weight loss is like accounting. 

They have no interest in it, it doesn’t motivate them and they find it hard to want to learn about it.

That is OK. 

However, like I had to learn just enough about accounting, to help myself and the business, you need to learn just enough to improve your health and fitness. 

You don’t need to have the same passion as a PT or Nutritionist or the same knowledge. 

Just like my accounting skills, the basics will be enough. 

People are afraid to admit what they don’t know. Afraid to ask for help or ask questions.

It is OK to not know. 

I enjoy answering questions and repeating myself when it will help people understand health a little better. So don’t be afraid to ask.

No question is too “basic”. 

Why should you know? It may not be an area of particular interest to you.

Health and weight loss is much more than diet and exercise and the quicker we realise that the better.

Our education program the 28toGr8 will help you understand the different pillars when it comes to success.

We talk about nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, mindset and relationships throughout the 28 days.

Just like you with nutrition and training and me with accounting, there is still a lot I don’t know but by learning just enough the business is performing better and I am a lot less stressed at quarter end.

I won’t say the same for my accountant who still has to deal with me!

Have a great day.

Ian (Number Cruncher) Murphy



The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice. – Brian Herbert

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