Halloween for me was about getting the finest black bag money could buy, getting the highest quality gold paint from our corner shop and proudly designing my state of the art Halloween costume.

Simpler times really.  

But the best part. Going around from door to door as soon as darkness fell. Chanting trick or treat and waiting for your bag to be filled with the best of treats.

Unfortunately, by the end of the night. You carry the bag of goodness home and open it up only to realise…


Loads and loads of nuts. 

Those monkey nuts were rampant and then you manage to shuffle through all the nuts and dip the hand in and you get a great big green apple! 

The search continues and you get to the good stuff and most of the rest gets thrown out.

Lets be honest, as kids nobody wanted health food at Halloween. Don’t be that neighbour tonight. 

Childhood obesity is rampant and is something I strongly believe should be tackled, however one night of having fun and getting treats is not the cause.

The kid doesn’t have to eat everything in their bag, that is something you will have control over. It’s a great opportunity to take away the good vs bad mentality of food. 

No food is bad, too much of a certain food might not be great for health but that food itself is not inherently bad and switching both yours and your kids mindset will benefit everybody.

Play fun active games, enjoy the treats and when you “steal” (I know you will) from your kids bag remember its not the nuts or the apple you’re going for. So, be the cool neighbour.

Stock up well. I’m off to the shop now to pick up 10 boxes of fulfill bars #gainz

Happy Halloween! Your treat is below.

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